Knitwear for hockey teams

Fashion dictates its own rules even in sports. Designers of sportswear change styles, improve the quality of fabric, change the view of how a professional hockey player should look on the ice.

Features of hockey jerseys for the hockey player

1. Materials.

Synthetic materials:

– Polyester: the most common material, lightweight, durable, quick drying, wicks away moisture.

– Nylon: strong, abrasion resistant, wicks away moisture well.

– Spandex: adds elasticity for a comfortable fit.

– Blended fabrics: combine synthetic and natural materials, such as polyester with wool or cotton.

Natural materials:

– Wool: keeps you warm and breathable, but is heavy and takes a long time to dry.

– Cotton: breathable, comfortable, but less durable than synthetics.

2. Density:

– Heavy jersey: more durable, suitable for professional players.

– Lightweight jersey: lighter and breathable, suitable for amateurs.

3. Ventilation:

– Mesh inserts or perforations for heat and moisture dissipation.

4. Protection:

– Reinforced elements in areas prone to wear and tear, such as elbows and shoulders.

5. Functionality:

– Anatomic cut for freedom of movement.

– Flat seams to prevent chafing.

6. Design:

– Bright colours and team logos.

– Personalisation with player name and number.

7. Manufacturers:
Bauer, CCM, Warrior, Reebok, Adidas

8. Price:
Depends on material, density, functionality and brand.

9. Care:

– Machine wash in cold water.

– Do not use bleach.

– Machine dry on low temperature.

10. Knitwear Selection:

– Consider level of play, climate, personal preference and budget.

– A sweatshirt is a knit shirt worn by hockey players.


– Fufaikas were worn over hockey uniforms for extra warmth.

– They were made of wool or cotton.

– They were loose fitting so that players could move comfortably.


– Fufaikas are more often worn as a fashion garment rather than a functional garment.

– They come in a variety of colours and styles.

– They are often worn by fans of hockey teams.

Examples of jerseys that are at the peak of popularity right now:

– Bauer Vapor Hyperlite: lightweight, breathable, with mesh inserts.

– CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro: anatomical fit, reinforced elements.

– Warrior Alpha DX SL: elasticated, with chafing protection.


– The jersey should be comfortable, breathable and appropriate for the level of play.

– Proper care of the jersey will prolong the life of the jersey.

– There is no specific colour for a hockey jersey.
The colours of hockey jerseys are determined by the teams.


– Home team: wears light coloured jumpers.

– Visiting team: wears dark jumpers.

However: the home team may choose a dark jumper if it is the team’s primary colour. The visiting team must choose a contrasting colour. In general, the colours of hockey jerseys are a reflection of the team’s history, tradition and brand.